Welcome to Oasis Mirage Academy

The number one school for sensha-dō in War Thunder

If you like Girls Und Panzer and War Thunder, then we're the team for you! When hosting matches, we use custom game modes which try to simulate the true sensha-dō experience.

Our school specialises mostly in German tanks, but also uses captured British tanks. All of our tanks would have been found in the Deutsche Afrika Korps at some point or another, which means when Italian tanks are available, our lineup may change slightly.

The perks of OMA

  • We are currently one of the largest schools in the Girls Und Panzer War Thunder Community, as well as being one of the few fan-made schools.
  • We train semi-regularly, meaning that even the inexperienced War Thunder players will feel at home by the time they attend their first match
  • The entire team are friendly, and always welcome a new face

Latest News

A New Website

We finally have a website set up! This new site will be used to post updates about upcoming matches, new members,

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