The New Girl

The new School year has started on the Rommel Sprinter. The tankery club met at the old Hangars. They were preparing the new tanks for they got from Shipments for Freshmen and Students from other Schools. The Marshall was Delighted to see the new Tanks next to the Old ones.

“Thank you Automotive Club for fixing the tanks!”, cheered the Marshall from the Inside of a new Panzer 4 F1.

“No Problem, just make sure to not Damage them too hard”, responded Marisuko, the Automotive Club Leader.


A lot of Students came along to take a look on these tanks, got into them and left with a smile but no interest in Sensha-do.

It was getting late so the Team Started the Tanks and Drove them into the 3 new Hangars, that were added during Holidays.

When the Düne Started the New Crusader Mk.3 a voice from far away could be heard saying: “A Crusader……..i always wanted to drive those!”

Düne looked out of the Cupola to spot a 2nd Year Transfer Student from St. Gloriana.

“You want to drive it?”, asked Düne.

“Eh….M ..Me….C.Can…..I?”; the Girl asked.

“Of Course, Come on in, I’ll open the Drivers Hatch for you”


The Girl stepped onto the Crusader and into the Driver Seat. She was practically giggling from excitement. Düne brought her a Manual and acted as the Commander, tapping her shoulders in the driving direction.


“This sure is Fun….you are recruiting right?”, asked the girl while doing a 180° back to the Hangars.

“Yes we do. Do you want to Join?”, asked Düne

The Girl replied: “YES! Of Course i would, now i can tell my Friends that we can drive our Dream Tank”


The Team was waiting for the Gloriana Girls to arrive and sure enough, they did.

They stepped into the tank with Manuals they had bought from a shop on the Way to school.

The rest of the Team watched from the Watchtower near the Hangars how they would do on the Practice Course. They were fast and agile, but that left them to miss a few shots.

“Moving Shots will be their best Friend if they want to drive this…….we gotta train them in that way”, explained the Marshall.


Back at the Hangars the Marshall told the Girls their plan and now they Keep training Moving Shots on the Practice course while the others are training on the Firing Range.


This is the Birth of Oasis Mirage’s new Crusader Team lead by the Girl who was fascinated by the Crusader, Jord Anne and her Friends.