The Deal with St. Gloriana

The weekend was rolling near and the Girls had just gotten a new Member in the form of Iceu Tamaki, or as most would call her “Tama-Chan”. She prompted an Idea to the Marshall the afternoon she came in.


“U-Um M-Marsh?”, she said while peeking into the Marsh’s Office

“Yes Tama?”, came a reply from a candle lit table.

“Um…I-I know y-you wouldn’t usually do this b-b-but could I drive anything else except the Panzer 2c?”

“What are you thinking off?, Lucia knew where this was going.

“I-I heard about you being on good terms with Gloriana a-and Saunders…..”, she stopped for a second, “s-so maybe we c-could get one of t-their tanks?


She was shy and naive but she helped to improve the image of the tankery club by being on the “Movistar” Cycling team. The Marshall couldn’t help but sigh and answer, “I could ask Darjeeling if they have a reserve Mk.3 Churchill...would that do?

Iceu blushed and let out a squeak.

“Guess that’s a yes..but only under one condition.”


Iceu looked at the Marshall, “Whatever you want me to do!”

‘Good Grief’, the Marshall thought, ‘She really is naive..

“So the thing i want you to do is help promote the tankery club.”

“That’s all? Consider it already done”, Iceu said as she ran out of the door, shutting it.

‘Guess I’ll call Darjeeling then.’


After some thinking, she took the phone and dialed Darjeeling directly.

“Yes Lucy?”, Darjeeling knew that the Marsh hated that nickname but she rolled with it.

“Good evening Darjeeling, as you might have heard we got a new member and...well...she doesn’t like to drive a Panzer 2c because of the lack of repair and maintenance we gave it, so I wanted to ask: Can you ship us a Second hand Churchill Mk.3 if we ship you Original Fred Harvey Desert tea and the old Matilda?”

Darjeeling thought about it, covered the speaker and asked what Pekoe and Assam thought about it. Finally she answered with a surprise to the Marshall

“Fine, it’ll be a shame losing one of our Churchill’s to a Matilda but the factor which balances it is the Tea in our opinion. ‘In trading it’s not about how much you make but how much you don’t lose’”

“Arigato Darjeeling and have a wonderful evening.”

“You too Lucy”, said Darjeeling and hung up.


The Churchill arrived next week and Tama was full of joy, the other girls looked surprised and Maiko felt rivaled.

“Maintenance should be done in a couple of days”, exclaimed Marisuko, the Automotive Club Leader.

“Thank you Mari-san and thank you Marshall”

“No Problem….new girl”, Marisuko said

“So, who is up for some stories or a Barbecue?”, Lucia asked

“We do Marshall, we do”, all the girls shouted.


The rest of the day was a party for Oasis Mirage Academy and so the Cycling Team got their own tank, their “Churchill 3 Movistar Edition”.