The day after the fight against Roulette Academy was like any other day for Komon Lucia, full of paperwork. It was not the most glamourous was the spend one's day, but the few hours of tank combat more than made up for the paperwork required. Besides, an uneventful day was never a bad in the Marshall's book, unfortunately for her today wasn’t one of those days.


Maiko stormed into the Marshal's office, she wasn't happy, she was furious, her Matilda has been taken out again by a (lucky) shot, she couldn’t even keep count of how many times it happened to her. The point was, she was getting tired of it.


“You know you should kno-”


"Marshall we need something bigger!" screamed maiko


The Marshall looked at her with a confused look, she asked "what do you mean?"


"The role of the heavy tank is to take a few for the team is it not?"


She already knew where this was going "Yes, b-but what are you talking about "


"The matilda! it has been taken out so easily lately there is no point of even taking her in battle!"


Oh… poor girl, the Marshall thought, she had been a victim of unluckiness as a late, in practices matches and as of late, there match against Roulette. She’d been getting knocked constantly, even Fuch’s 3F managed to get a lucky knockout. She could understand why the 2nd year would be a bit agitated, but this is Maiko, so she’s livid. Perhaps she could use a little encouragement


“I’ve been watching the game and practice film, and I think you're just having an unlucky streak lately, you’ll be fine in no time.” She smiled


“You know at this I don’t think it's luck anymore!” Maiko retorted fiercely


Well that didn’t well, the Marshall thought, Perhaps she should just bite,


“Well than, what do you suppose we do then?”


“Buy a Churchill!”


Hmm…. in all honesty a churchill wouldn’t be a bad idea. It would a proper heavy tank, unlike the matilda, and while not as strong as the school’s prized tiger 1, it could perhaps humble Natsuko Misaki, the Tiger’s commander, even a little bit. It was actually a really good idea…..




Marshall sighted while leaning back on her chair "You know we have a limited budget we can't afford a completely new tank we can ask the school for a loan but we will still be a lot short... unless you have a idea of how we can raise some money we are not getting anything."


"Wh-wh-what about a car wash , there are enough people on the ship that own cars and i'm sure if we did it in our bikini's they would come even if their car was clean"


The marshall was quite shocked since maiko is usually shy, this must be a sign of her pent up anger, or her ultimate determination  


"W-well il ask it to the rest of the girls if they are fine with it, i'll send a application to the student council and once we have some money i'll see how much they will lend us"


Before training marshall asked the girls if it was a good idea and if they agreed to be in swimsuits all of them were happy about it and the council didn't mind at all since the money was for the greater good of the team.


The next day instead of training in uniforms the girls grouped up in their swimsuits with buckets ,sponges and soap in hand heading towards the parking lot where the student council had put up a table and some signs for them.


Most of the day went through without problem but the marshall noticed something maiko had hid behind a tree all red from shame even though she was washing a minute ago


"What's the problem maiko?"asked the marshall


"It it c-came loose..."


The marshall noticed the strap from her top was ripped "did anybody see?"

Maiko looks down with her head glowing even more red as before.


"I'll go get a sewing kit wait here"


After maiko's problem had been solved the day went on without any other problems or malfunctions , the girls had fun and the water kept maiko's head cool and made her forget what happened , after all that they made a nice extra coin so the marshall looked through a catalogue of heavy vehicles that would fit in with the budget and found a selection of churchill tanks. A 2nd hand mkIII which was under the budget leaving enough money to give it a paintjob and proper maintenance