A fright on Halloween night

It's the day before halloween and most girls plan do something fun like a costume party or sleepover with scary movies but as usual Jord-Anne has no interest at all.

She just thinks about it as a over-commercialised holiday, so this year her friends decide to pull a prank on her.


As her friends discuss what to do they only come up with very childish pranks which would be noticed immediately, so they decide to ask some help from maiko-chan who loves halloween and knows some great pranks.


The plan was to rig the crusader so it could be controlled via a remote.

Getting it setup was the easy part but getting her to believe it that was the tricky part but then the girl remembered that the shensa-do club has a BBQ on halloween eve where everybody had to be present and dressed up, a perfect place.


While maiko was working on the rig to mount in the tank the rest of the girls asked the marshall for help to get access to the hanger where the tanks were stored over night and to also get power to go off, what started as a prank on one person quickly became something bigger.


Maiko's plan was to have the crusader storm out of the hanger with bright green lights on and have a voice box to make ghost sounds.


The time finally arrives the rig is in place and has been tested, the girls all gather on the training ground near the hangers everybody is dressed up in their halloween costumes.

Maiko was dressed up as a witch to hide the antenna and controller in hat, Jord's friends are talking to Jord so she wouldn't notice anything.


The clock strikes midnight the power shuts off the marshall tells everybody to stay calm whit a megaphone, then suddenly a bright light came from the hanger, suddenly the doors went open out of the smoke came a crusader driving by itself a voice came from inside the tank.

"how dare you, we died in this machine fighting in the war and now a bunch of school girls just using our tanks to fight eachother for fun?" everybody was panicking or was frozen from fear, Jord was holding tightly onto one of her friends.


The marshalls tank shot the so claimed cursed crusader, the crusaders hatches opened a ton of smoke came out of it, and a projection of a ww2 soldier's ghost appeared inside it.

"YOU WONT EVEN LISSEN!" screamed the ghost but also"From this day on your all cursed!".


The ghost disappeared and the power went back on the next thing everybody heard was the marshall saying "happy halloween" as everybody who helped whit this prank walked up the stage


And as far as Jord goes well she never thought of halloween as a over-commercialised holiday ever again.