A Conversion Please

It was another hot day on the Rommel Sprinter, not that it was a rare sight.

The Club had just gotten the Money for their Brand New Churchill mk.3 until Sima, one of the newer girls, currently commanding a Panzer 4 F2, stated:” How come we only have the KwK 38 Cannon Variants?”


“What’s the matter Fennec?”, the Marshall asked.

“Can’t you see? These guns are Outdated, Broken, Unused and most of all, Underpowered!”, answered Sima.

Suddenly a Voice from a near Panzer 3F exclaimed:” So what? Just deal with it.”

It was Gabriele, nicknamed “Düne”. She has had a high success rate in her Panzer 3F and she was the calmest of them all, besides Maiko, with her new Churchill.


“There is some Leftover Money from the Car Wash,right?”

The Marshall looked at Sima with a Grin:”You want something for your Panzer 4 That we Towed out of  Kuromorimine’s Ditch,Huh?”

Astonished, Sima answered:”How did you…….”

“Iam your Marshall too, so I should know what my Comrades want”, the Marshall quickly replied before Sima could finish her Sentence.


“.....I was thinking about a Conversion Kit……”, Sima said with a Shy Voice.

“What kind of Conversion Kit are you thinking off?”, said Misaki, the commander of the Team’s Tiger and Vice-Commander, who overheard the Argument.

“....Like…..a G Variant with a new KwK 40…….”, Sima said, with more Shyness in her Tone.


“My Grandfather has one in his Garage, follow me and we could come get it!”, said Misaki as she ran off to get the Schools Junk-Truck.

“H-Hey….W-W-Wait up!” Sima ran after her and got into the Truck and so they drove off.


It was a rather long drive because of the Sprinter’s size but after 1 hour of driving they finally arrived. Misaki her Grandfather was already waiting at the Door and knew why they came to him. He opened the Gate for the Truck and showed them around the back.

“So you want to use your Mothers Old Panzer 4 G?”

“Well, we need it for Parts for my Teammate right here”, she said while pointing at Sima.

“Ok, then feel free to take it. It is yours now afterall”, he said with a Smile.


Sima and Misaki loaded the Parts into the Truck, waved the good man goodbye and drove back to the Academy.


“Moshimoshi Marshall!”, Sima shouted from the Truck as they drove through the Gate.

“Ah, I see you got the Parts”, answered the Marshall with a Surprised Expression.

“We don’t know the Condition of the Parts so we might have to buy new ones…..”

“That’s OK! We have leftover money from the Carwash”, the Marshall quickly said before Sima could finish, again.


The Automobile Club of Oasis gladly helped them out to Convert the old F2 into a G.

The Breach was Removed, Gun Replaced with the better KwK 40, Smoke Launchers Attached to the side Turret and a More Powerful Engine was fitted.


The Very next day was Practice. Sima was Nervous to step into her new Gunner Seat but managed to pull herself in.

Through a Radio the Marshall shouted:”FIRE!!”

Guns went off, 50mm, 75mm even the Big Tigers 88mm. It was a Festival of Cannons.

Everyone did an outstanding job and Sima hit the Bullseye.

“I-I did it…….I Actually did it!”, she cheered from the Panzer 4 G.

This is the beginning of Oasis Mirage’s new Sniper, The Panzer 4 Model G of the new team: “Team Fennec!”