About Us

They're inspired by the Afrika Korps, their tank lineup consists of some German tanks, Italian and then captured British tanks.

Their genius Commander is looked up to by the rest of the school as some sort of beacon. The school devotes itself almost whole-heartedly to Sensha-Do.

They eat like Anzio, but less "festive." they have definitely cooked sausages on the hulls of their panzers in hot conditions before
They act like KMM, but less disciplined.

And they are as graceful as Gloriana, except way less of that.

Stealing, evolving and winning.

Outside of Sensha-Do, they are like reserved Anzio students.

On good terms with St. Gloriana; they have friendly matches every once in awhile, though they haven’t won many, if any matches. Gloriana gave them an older Crusader and Matilda in a gesture of goodwill.


Our Lineup

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